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Indoor Golf Simulators

Golf Simulators can really accelerate a golfers skill level as they have the ability to practice far more than most average golfers. We look at some of the benefits and things you need to consider in order to help you make the right decision if you want to install one in your home.


Welcome to the home golfer where we feature lots of interesting information on the best products offered to golfers to help with game improvement from home. We have golf simulator reviews, practice net reviews and a swing analyzer section coming soon. Feel free to browse around the site to learn more.

Recent Posts From Golf Simulators

Optishot 2 Review

With the original Optishot golf simulator as a top seller since 2009 it was definitely time for the company to look at releasing an updated version with more features and improved hardware. In 2015 they have finally done it with the launch of the Optishot 2. If you are looking to improve your golf swing and build consistency then this is the product that will help you. Find out everything you need to know by reading our review.

P3 ProSwing Review

The P3 Proswing was one of the original golf simulators aimed at the home user. This high quality product has been around for a number of years and remains popular today through a number of additions and improvements. Everything is included with the ProSwing ensuring you have hours of fun or get a chance to work on your golf swing. For more information check out our full review.

OptiShot Review

Optishot is the perfect golf simulator if you are looking to setup a practice area at home. It is not expensive and comes packed with features that really make a difference to you game. Improve your consistency and your accuracy without leaving home and maintain your handicap over winter. Read our full Optishot Review here to find out all about it.

Recent Posts From Golf Analyzers and Trackers

Game Golf Digital Tracking System Review

The Game Golf Tracking System allows golfers to track their performance on a shot by shot basis while out on the golf course collecting valuable data that can easily be analyzed later on for game improvement. Identify weak areas and build consistency. Click here to find out more.

Recent Posts From Practice Nets

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

When it comes to golf nets the most important thing to consider is build quality. So many practice nets rust and fall apart after a season or two and you can end up buying again. The Callway Tri Ball range is made in the USA and has exceptional quality parts. Read our full Tri Ball Review here to find out more.

The Net Return Review

The Net Return is the king of golf nets. Not only is it a really high quality products that should last for years but it has an amazing feature which will make your practice sessions so much more effective. Click here to read our full net return review and find out all the details.