Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

Callaway Tri Ball Net Carry BagOne of the best products I have seen recently is the Callaway Tri-Ball practice net for golfers to use in the backyard or in the home with a golf simulator.

I have used quite a few different golf nets over the years and most of them do not last very long. As with all outdoor products, quality is the most important factor. Rusting poles and torn netting is the most common problem golfers face, this net avoids them all with exceptional build quality as it is manufactured in the USA.

Callaway have introduced a few different nets over the past couple of years, all with different sizing depending on the golfers needs. I think the 7 feet offers the best value and is the most practical for use with all the clubs in the bag.

The net comes with a handy carry bag and I found it very quick to setup and pack away once finished. This is important as fiddly nets irritating poles which require more than one person involved end up becoming such a pain that most golfers end up leaving the net in the garage instead of spending time working on their golf sCallaway Tri Ball Netwings.

The net itself is made from super strong nylon mesh which can withstand constant pounding from even the strongest of golfers. It also features a handy target in the center which dampens noise when the ball impacts. This should stop the neighbors getting irritated with those golfers that tend to spend long periods of time hitting practice balls. The design of the net also feeds all the golf balls to the center after each shot for easy collection, a small feature that on its own makes this product worthwhile!

The Tri Ball net is available in three different sizes of 6, 7 or 9 feet depending on your requirements and comes highly recommended by lots of buyers. It is designed to work outside as well as indoors so you can make use of it over winter if you have the space to setup in the garage keeping your swing nice and grooved.

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