Game Golf Digital Tracking System

Game Golf - DIgital Tracking SystemThe Game Golf Digital Tracking system is a fairly new product that gives golfers the ability to track their games, shot by shot, for easy analysis at a later stage. I have been using this excellent product for a couple of months and so far I am very impressed.

Keep reading to find out how it works and how you can easily analyze your game to fix up those errors that may well be costing you shots on a regular basis.


How does it track?

There are two main components included that the tracking system uses to pick up shot data as you go around the golf course. The first is a small electronic receiver that you can either attach to your belt (the easiest) or to a spare hook on your golf bag. Each club needs a small electronic tag installed into the grip cap. Fitting the tag is really simple as they come with a screw that allows you to slowly rotate them ensuring they lock in place and do not come loose during play. Before each shot you simple touch the tag on to the main device and everything is recorded automatically allowing you to focus on your game and let the Game tracker collect information.

See the picture below to see how simple it is.

Game Golf - Tracking System Tag

Once the receiver has tagged which club you are using it simply picks up data about the shot and utilizes GPS to work out where you are on the golf course automatically. Once you arrive at your ball and tag the next club the system can easily work out shot distances without you having to do anything. I did find it took me a few rounds to get used to it as sometimes I simply forgot to tag before hitting the ball! After a couple of rounds it almost becomes second nature and you will just touch the tag out of habit without really thinking about it.

What data will it capture?

The Game Golf Tracking System is able to capture an array of different data such as

  • Fairway Accuracy
  • GIR
  • Shot Distance
  • Putts per Hole

Once you get home you simply upload the data collected from your round to your PC or MAC.  As you capture more and more rounds you will slowly build up a nice database of shot data making it possible to pick out small weaknesses in your game. I found it especially helpful with improving club selection through the distance data – many of us over or under club with a certain iron fairly often without realizing – especially over months of play. Picking up these small problems makes it easy to tighten your game and improves consistency.

The software supports both PC and Mac as well as mobile devices like Iphone and you also have the option to upload stats to social networks to compare with friends (Facebook – Twitter). The system allows other players to comment on your data enabling you to get advice and opinions from other players if you wish. Sometimes a second pair of eyes can help you notice things you may have missed. Comparison with top professional golfers like Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, and Jim Furyk that have recorded rounds with the tracker make the system even more useful as well as a little bit of fun.

The graphics are excellent and very detailed as you can see in the image below.


Iphone Game Golf Screen

If you have a golf simulator like the Optishot you can use the two products together to make significant improvements to your handicap, all from the comfort of your home!

One thing to keep in mind. The unit will not give you shot by shot distance data while you are playing a round as you might find with a standard GPS system. This was a decision the company took to allow the product to be used in tournament play as agreed with the USGA.

You get the capture device, 18 tags, USB cable and  a protective cover in the box and the manufacturer provides a 1 year limited guarantee.


The Game Golf Tracking System is a fantastic tool for golfers of any skill levels to gain a little bit more insight by delving deeper into every single section of their games. Once a few games have been played the database will help identify weaker areas making it easier to focus on them during practice time. Endorsed by the PGA and featured on the Golf Channel this product is sure to become more popular.




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