Golf Impact Screen for Simulators

Most golfers tend to concentrate and spend the majority of the budget on the electronics and computer related items needed to get the best experience out of a golf simulator. This often results in a lower investment for the catchment net and/or impact screen. Although a wide range of hitting nets are available for indoor and outdoor use it is worth considering a professional impact screen to give you the best possible experience. Considerations include the type of room and configuration, ability to display a high quality image as well as ensuring the construction prevents any type of bounce back from the ball that could cause serious injury or damage.

We have recommended several high quality golf nets on this site but a top quality impact screen might be the answer for permanent installations. Let’s take a look at the screens offered by Carl’s Golf, one of the most popular rated by user feedback.

Ball and Impact Screen Material

Carl’s Impact Screen

This is one of the best when it comes to quality and longevity. Many nets promise quality and strength but wear and tear does happen when you are constantly pounding the net with golf balls! Although, this offering from Carl will likely wear over a long period of time it promises to stand up just fine to 250 miles per hour repeated impacts. This is due to the tightly woven knit construction made from heavy-duty polyester. The material is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Sizing and Edging Options

Screen EdgingThe screen can be ordered in a wide range of different sizes and you have the choice of ordering raw material, if you have your own frame for example, or with edging and grommets for easy installation. It is important to ensure that the net is not pulled too tight during installation to prevent golf balls bouncing back.

The table below highlights the different size options which cater for the majority of both home and professional installations.


Impact Screen Sizing Options


You will need to plan your installation and ensure you have adequate fixings or a pre-built frame as these are not supplied. When planning a good rule of thumb is to ensure you have 10 feet in distance between the tee and the screen.

Projector Quality

One of the best features about this particular impact screen is image quality which is very high in comparison to cheaper products.  HD projectors are standard these days and golf simulators are capable of amazing graphics so it is important to ensure you buy a quality product.


Overall, with a range of different sizes and excellent image quality the golf impact screen from Carl’s Golf is a great solution to complete your simulator installation. Bounce back is limited ensuring a safe golf session either indoors or outside. To find out more and see what other users have to say visit


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