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The long awaited upgrade to the best selling Optishot has finally arrived with the 2015 launch of the Optishot 2 golf simulator. The original model has been around since early 2009 so it was about time for an upgrade. Surprisingly, with such a large market the choice for home simulators is limited but the Optishot 2 has everything you need to work on your golf swing and improve your game. Keep reading our full Optishot2 review to find what’s new and improved.

Optishot 2 Features and UpgradesOptishot 2 Golf Simulator Box and Product

The new model offers a few important improvements and enhancements over the previous model which you can see in the list below.

  • Software supports Windows and Mac OS (Previous model supported Windows only)
  • Significantly improved sensor hardware for better shot tracking
  • Ability to join Optishot Live (Included) – Play against friends and family members online!
  • Many more courses included (List Below)

As you can see the inclusion of Mac OS compatibility is awesome news for all the Apple users out there. Previously Windows 7 emulation could be used on the Mac but it is always better to have software which has been specifically developed and will be supported and updated frequently.

Optishot 2 Course Image 4

 The most critical factor of any golf simulator is the ability to accurately track the golf club right throughout the golf swing. Optishot2 includes improved sensor technology with very accurate high speed 48MHZ infra red sensors (16 are used in total) which track the club head position before, at impact and during the follow through. In our testing we concluded that the simulator returns trusted information (we setup ours outdoors in a tent on the range so we could actually see the ball flight) and can be used for game improvement. The data returned on screen after each shot includes all the data in the list underneath.

Swing Path Reading

Club-head Speed

Face Impact Angle

Shot Shape

Swing Tempo


Face Area Contact

This covers all the vital swing characteristic that you can think of allowing you to focus on swing improvement and with the ability to practice at home you should be able to fix swing faults or improve consistency. As with any simulator you have the option to practice right throughout the year (important in cold winter climates) during the day or at night time after work. There are three main playing modes for the Optishot2 – you can focus on your golf swing in the driving range mode, you can play on any of the emulated golf courses that are supplied or alternatively download new courses from the manufactures website as they become available or you can challenge your golfing partners to online games with the use of Optishot online which offers hours of fun!

Optishot 2 Course Image 2

Golf Course Selection

The following golf courses are included (Gold Selection) and support up to 4 players with Optshot online or you may choose to use your favorite hole from any course to use in practice mode.

  Torrey White – Torrey Black – Palm Desert Mountains – Barseback Golf Club – The Canadian Club – Warwick Hills – Fylde Links – Osterakers Golf Club – Long Island Black – The Golf Club, Scottsdale – Palm Desert Canyons – West Maui Plantation

Many more courses are available to buy and download (Platinum Selection) ensuring you will never get bored!

 Royal St Marks – Red Wickers – Firth of Forth – Windy City Club – Whispering Dunes – Capitol Club – Old Scot – Atlanta Highlands – Jones Lake – Melbourne Golf Club – Golden Gate Club – Carolina Ocean Course – Ponte Vedra – Monterey Classic – Hoylake – Valholl

Optishot 2 Course Images

 Game Types and Capabilities

Optishot 2 presents plenty of options for game type and controls giving you full control of your game or time for practice.  Right and left hand play is supported which is great news for the lefties! Customization is comprehensive as you can personalize everything from the weather conditions right through to background sounds. Games can also be saved allowing you to resume at a later stage. The following game formats are supported.

Match Play

Better Ball

Stroke Play

Best Ball



Alternate Shots

Custom Game Length

Optishot 2 Course Image 7

Hardware Requirements and Setup

Setting up your Optishot 2 at home presents many different options depending on available space and budget. Entry level home simulators like this are not designed for outdoor use (infra red sensors do not work in sunlight) so you have to ensure you sufficient room inside. Ceiling height is obviously very important and a minimum clearance of 8.5 foot is needed – many golfers I have spoken with chose their garage for their golf studio as it presents more space options and enables you to leave everything setup between usage sessions. The simulator is capable of working with real golf balls (you will need a proper catch net!), practice balls or you can comfortably practice your swing without using a golf ball at all.

Optishot 2 Stat Screen

Display size is variable as the simulator works with a laptop or HDTV right up to a wall sized projector. A projector offers the best experience but requires a larger home with enough space for a permanent installation or golf studio. Most computers will work fine (Windows Vista, 7 or 8) as the software is not that resource intensive but investing in a decent graphic card is well worth it for smooth game play and high quality 3d graphics. Most users in the past have commented that it is important to get a decent golf mat with the product for best results. There are some purpose made hitting mats like the this which can be bought in different sizes. Installing a mat like this has a dual purpose, first it stops the Optishot supplied hitting mat moving during the swing and secondly it ensures your feel are level with the hitting surface for iron play.


In our original review of this excellent little golf simulator we highly recommended it to golfers who want to improve swing consistency or have some fun at home. Nothing has really changed and we have no hesitation in recommending the Optishot 2. The unit performs well, is affordable and makes a great gift for anybody who loves the game of golf.

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