The Dancin Dogg OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator (gotta love the name!) is probably the best choice if you are looking for an affordable golf simulator setup at home. Optishot is a great product loaded with impressive features making it perfect for the amateur golfer to spend time at home building a better golf swing. Keep reading to find out how the product works and how it can help you become a more consistent golfer.



Optishot Features

  • Measures Club head speed, Face angle, Swing path
  • Selection of Top Golf Courses to Play
  • Fast Setting Up With Only Three Steps Required
  • Software Upgrades Available
  • Extra Courses for Download
  • Supports left or right-handed players
  • Standard or metric measurements
  • Comes with a 180 day manufacturers limited warranty


Optishot Swing Analysis

The OptiShot makes use of infra red sensors to record all the important swing measurements as you take each shot. The sensors are pinpoint accurate and will reveal your club position right throughout the swing making it easy to pick up common errors. After each shot is completed you will see the following data neatly arranged on screen.

  • Club head speed
  • Face angle
  • Swing path
  • Toe/center/heel-to-face contact
  • Visual feedback of each shot

Optishot Sample Screen Shot

Optishot is designed to work with all the clubs in your bag (even your putter) and with real time feedback you can work on individual game components as you see fit. One of the most critical readings, in my opinion, is the face angle at impact which determines shot direction. Working hard to ensure you keep your club face square through the swing can make dramatic improvements to your accuracy and consistency and it is easy to focus on with this simulator. The data can also be used to determine which shaft flex suits you the best as well as allowing you to experiment a little bit to see how different shafts affect your shots.


3D Golf Software

You can also use the OptiShot to play a simulated round of golf. The results are surprisingly accurate and with the ability to add upto four other players you can have lots of fun with your golfing buddies. Also, if you live in a really cold climate you can use your simulator throughout the winter months keeping your game sharp. I like to use mine in the evenings when the kids have gone to sleep – I find it the best to time to work on my swing and it saves me from spending too much time at the driving range!

OptiShot allows you to play some of the world’s most famous golf courses, like Torrey Pines and Big Horn Golf Club in Southern California.

The combination of sensors measuring the ball at impact and then representing that information on your screen with awesome 3D graphics make the OptiShot a truly amazing product.

Optishot in Action

Additional Components Needed

To operate the OptiShot you will need to connect it to a computer running a minimum of Windows XP with 2GB ram. You will also need a decent 3D video card for the graphics to really come alive. You simply install the software and connect the swing pad to the PC as shown in the diagram below.

Optishot MattOverall

Please note you will need 8.5 foot or higher ceilings in the room to allow for a full swing. This product will not work outdoors as the infrared sensors are affected by sunlight and cannot track your swing properly. You can choose to use real golf balls (if you have a catch net), plastic or foam balls. You can also use the unit for practice without using any form of ball if you want to just focus on swinging the club. Optishot has been around for a few years now and the company continually updates the software as well as releasing new and interesting courses which can be downloaded from the website.

To find out lots more information and customer feedback click here to visit Amazon.


Optishot 2 Golf SimulatorJANUARY 2015 – Optishot 2 Just Launched!!

After 5 years as the best seller for home golf simulators the company behind the Optishot has launched a brand new mode. You can click here to read our Optishot 2 Review and find out all about it. (Note – The original model is still available through the link above and is slightly cheaper than the new model).


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