P3 ProSwing Review

P3Proswing has been around for a number of years and it does offer quite a few features that you may not find on other competing models. Keep reading my P3 Proswing Review to find out all the details.


About the P3ProSwing

There are several models available, I am going to have a look at the entry unit. The more expensive model comes with a projector and some of the more famous courses to play.

You can use the P3ProSwing in a smaller room with the supplied net to catch the ball and the output simulation/swing analysis will be on your computer screen. Remember, you will need quite a big indoor room if you go for the projector model, as you need space to swing the club and install all the hardware.

The ProSwing base model is designed to be set up utilizing a limited amount of space and therefore will suit most people with a normal sized house. The best idea is to set up a golf studio if you have a spare room in your home, this way you can set the unit up permanently rather than putting it away after use.

The supplied hitting mat has two cut-outs, one for right hand golfers and one for left hand golfers. The mat also has a channel to run/hide your cables for connection to your computer. This way you won’t trip over them or damage them with your clubs. The hitting mat has a durable foam base and synthetic grass top for long life, the mat also folds up for easier storage.

The catch net is designed to allow you to hit any club in your bag, including your driver. The net is very easy and quick to put up and take down and only weighs 11 pounds.

P3 Proswing Screen

The following are shipped with the unit.

  • P3ProSwing Sensor Unit
  • Golf Swing Analyzer Software
  • Video Capture Software
  • Driving Range
  • Dynamic Putting Green and Putting Game
  • Two 18-Hole Custom Designed Virtual Golf Course – Highlands National & Desert Dunes
  • Premium Course Collection 1
    • 18  20 Virtual Golf Courses!
  • P3ProSwing Versa Mat
  • P3ProSwing Golf Catch Net
  • Tees and tape to get you started


How good is it?

The P3ProSwing looks like it has everything you need as shipped. All the components have been manufactured to a high build quality and should last, this is especially true of the catch net and the hitting mat. The Versa mat also puts the golfer at the correct height to ensure a proper stance and alignment which is often overlooked by competing products.

Connection to the computer is also simple, the video capture software comes with two different views to replay your swing, you can use this to identify errors and correct them. The unit also comes with 18 pre-loaded virtual courses to play with more golf course packs available as upgrades.

You can choose to practice your swing by selecting driving range mode or practice green mode. Also, you can use real golf balls, air balls or no ball at all to check out the stats on your swing.

ProSwing Putting Green

The unit comes with over 65 LED sensors which pick up all the swing information and which is passed onto the PC. All swing characteristics are recorded including face angle, club path, swing speed, ball speed, swing tempo, location of impact and more. This lets you easily analyze your swing to make make improvements and try out different swing variations without having to go to the range!

The graphics are great and you could even involve the whole family for a fun filled evening or invite your golfing partners around on a rainy day.

Some customers have been amazed with how accurate the Proswing whereas other have commented they do not feel it gives a true representation. In my testing I have found it to be very accurate and I can easily compare shot distances on this unit with other digital swing analyzers. Personally, I think it comes down to ensuring the unit is setup properly and all the sensors are installed correctly. If you end up buying yourself a Proswing then take your time when you set everything up to ensure you get excellent results. (Many of us are like Children with a new gadget, we just want to rip open the box and start playing!!)


This Proswing is packed with worthwhile features at a reasonable price.. It will let you analyze every club in your bag, even the putter. With great graphics, swing analysis software and some of the worlds best golf courses to play every golfer would have a blast with this kit. With some time spent with the swing software you should be able to easily drop a few shots off your handicap,

To find even more in depth information, customer reviews or to get yours now click here.


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