Welcome to the home golfer. I have been an avid golfer for many years and the best investment I ever made was to install a golf simulator in my garage. These days there is an almost unlimited amount of technology available to help you build consistency and accuracy in your game without even leaving home!

With work and family life consuming nearly all my time I found I reached a certain level in my golfing career and could never improve upon it.

Golf simulators have two prime uses, entertainment and swing practice. The entertainment side is good fun as you can play some of the worlds best courses right from home. This also allows you to play some golf during the winter months if you live in an area that has winter weather that prevents you playing golf. The graphics are realistic and once you have a simulator set up and can be close to the real thing.

The practice mode is really valuable as the software is able to track a full golf swing and make a full analysis in real time. In a way it is like spending time with a golf professional as you can build a much more consistent swing by using the data that is displayed on screen.

Most models will give you the following information

  • Swing Speed
  • Club Face Angle at Impact
  • Distance Readings
  • Swing Tempo
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Path

Some can even help with club fitting depending on the model you choose. With this information delivered after each individual swing you can see how it can help you to identify possible swing problems really quickly.

The entry level units tend to be designed for indoor use only as they use infra red sensors (which do not like sunlight) to track the golf swing. This is a limitation as you will need the space to make a full golf swing at home somewhere.

Additionally, a decent display (projector is the best) will be needed along with a decent PC to run the software and drive the display. Connecting a simulator to a projector will give the most realistic experience as you can hit golf balls directly at the screen!

Real golf balls can be used if you have the space for a catch net, if not then practice balls or even no ball works just as well.

I highly recommend these products as they have become more affordable over the past few years and aside from providing a lot of fun they can really help a golfer to build a better swing and ultimately play a more consistent game of golf.

Please check out the reviews on the site to find out more about the different models and there capabilities.



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